Caffeine Capsules: Convenient Energy

Caffeine Capsules: Convenient Energy

Why does Bowmar Nutrition offer Caffeine Capsules?

Bowmar Nutrition Caffeine Capsules have many benefits, including:

  • Giving you the energy boost you need without having to look for a bathroom after drinking multiple cups of coffee or other caffeine drinks. This especially applies to hunters, long road trips, conferences, meetings, or even camping and hiking where restrooms aren’t easily available, especially for women.
  • The ability to turn any of Bowmar Nutrition’s  Non-Stim Pre workouts into a stim based PRE workout just by adding a caffeine capsule. This is not the exact same as using our Stim Pre, because our Stim PRE has 125mg of caffeine. Our caffeine capsules  have 100mg, so you get a little less caffeine than in the stim PRE!
  • Getting extra caffeine without any additional calories or sugars.
  • 100mg of caffeine per capsule from non GMO InnovaTea®.

What is InnovaTea® High Purity Natural Caffeine?

InnovaTea® High Purity Natural Caffeine is a unique, naturally derived source of caffeine extracted from fermented Camellia sinensis (tea leaves). The tea leaves used to produce InnovaTea® are grown by farmers who utilize sustainable farming practices to help reduce environmental impact. The leaves are also fully traceable back to the farms where they are grown. InnovaTea® is an excellent, clean label alternative to chemically synthesized caffeine. Subsequently, you feel a clean awakening energy that you won’t crash from. These caffeine capsules are great to keep in your vehicle for emergency energy for late night drives.

You can even open up the capsules and pour them into a drink if you would rather drink the caffeine. If you would like 50mg of caffeine instead of 100mg you can open the capsule and just use half!

These Caffeine Capsules are a very convenient and more efficient option than many other sources of caffeine. CLICK HERE to order Bowmar Nutrition’s new Caffeine Capsules.

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