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Bowmar Nutrition’s Frequently Asked Questions:

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Bowmar Nutrition’s Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Bowmar Nutrition’s products different?

Bowmar Nutrition’s products are produced in a GMP certified and FDA accredited facility and are third party tested in an ISO17025 lab. Bowmar Nutrition uses the highest quality ingredients that are all tested prior to manufacturing. In addition, each batch is tested as a final product. We also conduct in person sampling and hands on formulation to ensure the flavor profile is accurate and the formula is effective.

Is your Vegan Protein dairy free?

Yes it is! We are proud to be able to offer supplements for our customers with special dietary needs. Our Vegan Protein is made of several different types of plant protein, and is free of all animal products, including dairy. Oh, and did we mention it’s delicious?   

Are supplements safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding? 

We have many customers who are pregnant or breastfeeding who love Bowmar Nutrition products, and have been cleared by their doctors to use them. However, all pregnancies are unique, so we recommend consulting your doctor prior to taking any supplements. All ingredients are listed on our website for you to talk to your doctor about at your next appointment! 

Do you have recipes for all your protein options?

Bowmar Nutrition has almost 1,000 healthy and delicious high protein recipes available on our recipe app. These recipes range from protein frappés to cakes, brownies, donuts, and more. There is something for every craving. You can find our Bowmar Nutrition App in the Google Play Store or Apple App store.CLICK HERE to learn more!

When is _____ restocking?

Stay in-the-know on all our product restocks by visiting our restock page on our website. We update it as often as we can for our customers. Please note the dates are tentative and subject to change.CLICK HERE to view the restock page.

Does Bowmar Nutrition offer samples of their products?

Yes! Bowmar Nutrition offers samples and sample kits to ensure you love the flavor/product before purchasing a tub! They are available now on our website:CLICK HERE to order.

Does Bowmar Nutrition have any discount codes?

Yes! We offer discount codes for 1st Responders, Military, Nurses, Students and Teachers. Register today to receive your discount! All you have to do is fill out this form: https://bowmarnutrition.com/pages/exclusive-discounts. Once that is done you just have to wait for approval and you are all set!


What Bowmar supplements should I be using?

Sarah Bowmar has a whole podcast episode titled, “What Supplements Do I Need,” dedicated to helping you determine which supplements you’d benefit from. You can find that episode of the Bowmar Show podcast on any podcast platform, such as Apple or Spotify.!


Are Bowmar Nutrition's products gluten free?

The majority of our products are gluten free. You can find the supplement facts panel for each of our products under their respective product pages on Bowmar Nutrition’s website.


What is Bowmar Nutrition’s return policy?

Opened and used products are eligible for website credit. Unopened products are refundable. Gift Cards, Sale items and Clothing are non-refundable. CLICK HERE for more information and details about Bowmar Nutrition’s return policy.


Are Bowmar Nutrition's products NSF Certified or WADA Approved?

Bowmar Nutrition’s products are manufactured in a facility that is certified by NSF through the GMP and Certified for sports programs. 


Does Bowmar Nutrition offer a Wholesale program?

Yes, Bowmar Nutrition offers a wholesale program, all you need to do is fill out the wholesale application! CLICK HERE to fill out the application! For all questions please email wholesale@bowmarshop.com.


Where do I go for questions about my Rewards?

Please refer to our Bowmar Reward System Page for any questions regarding Rewards. If you are still having difficulties, please email: support@bowmarshop.com.


Does Bowmar Nutrition ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to 240 countries. Bowmar Nutrition uses DHL for all of our worldwide shipments and you only pay what we pay for shipping! For Canadian customers: topnutritionandfitness.com and EK|UK master distributor: A-listnutrition.com

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