Different Ways to Use Nut Butters

Different Ways to Use Nut Butters

The sky's the limit when it comes to the ways you can use nut butters, so we rounded up our personal favorite ways to enjoy them + some unique ones you may not have tried before!

Use as a Topping:

This is the tried and true way most of us use nut butters! We could go on and on with all the different options for using our nut butters as a topping, but to name a few:

Pancakes or Waffles


Toast / Bread

Crackers or Pretzels


Baked Goods (aka brownies)

Turn into a Sauce or Dressing:

We’ve got the sauce.. Not technically, but we have an ingredient for some! Now I know this one sounds a little weird, we thought so too until we gave it a try. There are several different recipes out there you can try, but we suggest making a thai peanut dressing. It’s delicious on salads or with grilled chicken and rice. 

Make Fruit/Veggie Dip:

This one is easy and absolutely DELISH. All you need is a jar of Bowmar Butter, greek yogurt, and a little maple syrup for added sweetness. Combine those three ingredients together and start dipping your favorite fruits and veggies!

You could also make a yummy hummus dip as well with chickpeas, Bowmar Butter, and perhaps some chocolate chips?!

Blend into Smoothies and Shakes:

Supercharge your next smoothie or shake with a dollop of nut butter. Nut butters pair well with most fruits and greens, and provide a healthy source of protein and fat. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how thick and creamy one spoonful can make them! For an additional protein kick, add in a scoop of our protein powder as well! 

Add to Your Favorite Baked Goods:

Any baked good is delicious all on its own, but pair it with a little nut butter and you won’t ever make those recipes any other way. Brownies, cookies, cakes, pies.. you name it – nut butters can and should be utilized either in the recipe itself or dolloped on top of the tasty treats.

Throw in Soup:

Don’t go anywhere.. Hear us out for a second! This one you probably thought to yourself “immediately no,” but this is one of those occasions where you can’t knock it until you try it. Adding a small amount will make your soup creamy and rich with flavor! We suggest trying it in a bowl of soup before adding it to a whole pot. 

By the Spoonful:

Personally this is our favorite way to enjoy our nut butters! Grab a spoon and dig right into the delicious flavors. Pro tip: If you use a fork you’ll get less butter per dip, which means.. MORE DIPS. 

Whether you spread it, dip it, or eat it by the spoonful, dive in and give one (or some) of these ideas a try! You might be pleasantly surprised.

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