Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

Life is busy and we all have a lot going on. Whether you go to the gym after work, in between classes, early in the morning, or after other commitments, having a perfectly prepped gym bag with all the essentials makes life 100x easier. We’re here to share a few things we find helpful to keep in our gym bags:

Gym Bag:

You had to see this one coming! Of course, having a gym bag that can fit all your gym essentials is key. How else are you going to haul everything around without one?! 

There are so many different styles, from backpacks, totes to traditional duffle bags, with numerous different colors and patterns to choose from. The options are pretty endless and you’re sure to find one that matches your personality! 

Water Bottle:

Always have a water bottle on hand, preferably a big water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your entire workout. Hydration is extremely important and can improve exercise performance! How? The more water that’s in your muscles, the better they will function. It also lubricates your joints to prevent stiffness and delivers oxygen and glucose throughout the body to help you feel energized! 

No one wants to go back and forth to the drinking fountain, especially when it’s crowded. Having a big water bottle prepped is a game changer! 

Lifting Accessories:

If you use your own lifting accessories, pack them up! A few accessories we try to keep on hand depending on what workout we plan on doing include: lifting belt, barbell pad, ankle straps, lifting wrist straps, booty band, and/or resistance bands. Some gyms do carry these accessories, but you run the risk of someone else using them. 

A good rule of thumb, if you think it’s going to aid your workout – pack it! It’s better to have it on hand in the event you want to use it than not have it at all. 



Do you know anyone that can have a good workout without headphones? I sure don’t. Whether you prefer headphones or earbuds, they are a must! Listening to your favorite music or podcast can boost your workout by making you feel more comfortable in the gym and keeping you in the zone! 

Get your preferred listening device, download some good tunes/podcasts, and pack safely in your gym bag!

Pre-workout Supplementation:

I don’t know about you, but a solid pre-workout stack is a must-have in our gym bag! It can be that extra boost you need right before your workout. Plus, who doesn’t love sipping on a delicious PRE?!  

We do understand that PREworkout isn't a one size fits all product, that's why we created our RAWs line which allows you to customize your PREworkout stack to your workouts, needs and goals! If you’d like help determining which products would be best for you, please take our product quiz geared towards helping you build your own pre-workout stack. 


“Just to be safe” Supplies:

My mom always said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry!” When prepping your gym bag it’s important that you pack the items you feel you may need while you’re at the gym such as: hair ties, hair brush, feminine products, extra socks, change of clothes, towel, charger, deodorant, mini first aid kit, lock, etc. 

Having all these supplies on hand keeps you prepared for almost any situation!

Workout Attire:

It’s not a workout without a cute outfit and some sneakers to match it! I don’t know about you, but there’s something so empowering about walking into your workout feeling confident in your ‘fit. 

If you plan on going to the gym after work or class, packing your clothes in your gym back ahead of time is the way to go! Bring an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. Don’t forget to grab the appropriate shoes for your workout as well! 

Post-workout Snack:

Grab your favorite protein snack and toss it in your gym bag (maybe don’t toss – put it safely in a convenient pocket). After all that hard work, your body needs fuel and nutrients to start the recovery process. Having a high-protein snack right after your workout hits the spot and helps you repair so you’re ready for your next workout!

A few of our favorite post-workout snacks include: protein barsprotein shakes, or APEX meat sticksbites

Bottom Line:

These are just a few of the gym bag essentials that we can't go without, but you can completely customize your gym bag to fit your needs. Don’t forget to keep it clean and organized! PRO TIP: Pack up your gym bag the night before, so you are ready for your next workout. This will also help you stay motivated, knowing you are all ready to go!

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