Meet the Creator of Red Raspberry PRE

Meet the Creator of Red Raspberry PRE

Meet Margo:

Hello hello! My name is Margo Maxwell and I am from the lovely Columbus, Ohio — GO BUCKS! I live with my better half, Nick, and we have a hefty meatball of a bulldog named Delilah. Some ‘fun facts’ about me are that I have a rare condition called heterochromia where my eyes are two different colors, and I was born with a hole in my heart! I have a growing passion for fitness and nutrition which was discovered at the start of my fitness journey in 2018. I am working on building my online coaching business and have definitely endured some struggles as a business owner. However, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others discover their potential, I seriously look forward to my work every single day. Aside from fitness, my hobbies include hiking, taking pictures, traveling, creating content, and shopping. Something I would like to do more is volunteer, whether it's walking dogs at the humane society or delivering meals on wheels, there is so much room for giving back. I am a ‘glass half full’ kinda gal but I have my hard days too lol I love to spread positivity but am not hesitant to encourage the occasional meltdown, usually followed by ice cream and Netflix (we are only human). 

How did you start your health and wellness/fitness journey?

Believe it or not, my fitness journey has been an ongoing result of my 2018 New Year's Resolution! I was extremely sedentary at the time, outside of my job (as a server and bartender at the time). I had very poor eating habits, a bag of hot cheetos a day was basically my meal prep for the week lol. Needless to say, I was very unhappy with my body and how I felt, so I made the resolution to work out.

After a month of consistently exercising at my apartment gym, I got a Planet Fitness membership and around the same time began my fitness Instagram. Not long after that, I realized how passionate I was about this newfound hobby. I changed my major in college from Business Management to Exercise Science and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the process of transforming my body and mind. I graduated in 2020 with my AAS in Exercise Science and in 2021 I passed my CPT exam through ACSM.

I documented my entire journey on my original fitness Instagram, which was permanently deactivated after 3 years and 80k followers... yikes! Though it was a frustrating mistake by Instagram, it allowed me to realize just how passionate I am with not only my journey, but helping others with theirs. I began a new fitness Instagram (my current one: @maxwellfitness__), and I’ve continued this journey with an even deeper passion. Not long after, I started my coaching business, Maxwell Fitness LLC.

I now get to share this passion as a hobby and as a career. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing my clients and my followers change their lifestyles just the way I did back in 2018. Something that was once a New Year's Resolution has turned into my purpose in waking up each day and I couldn’t be more grateful. The gym has brought me so many blessings, as have the relationships I’ve made throughout this process.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away". 

How long have you been an athlete with us?

Since July of 2020 😊

What was the first product you ever tried?

Blackberry PREworkout (and it's just as delicious as the first time it hit my taste buds 😂)

What made you decide to do the product and flavor you chose?

If you know me, you know that my DNA is made up of Bowmar Nutrition PREworkout, so I KNEW that I had to create a preworkout. As far as flavors go, I have always LOVED the blackberry PREworkout and I wanted something that could mix well with other flavors (#PREworkoutMixologist over here). For so long I’ve eaten raspberries and rice cakes before my workouts as a pre-workout snack and I’ve always thought a red raspberry pre-workout would SMACK! I've never seen it done before, and I knew that if any company could perfect this flavor, it would be Bowmar. They KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. It’s amazing by itself AND mixed with others. It reminds me of the Swedish Fish Candy, and it even tastes a little like pink cotton candy! It’s perfectly sweet and mixes so well with other products such as Lemonade PRE, Rainbow Candy PRE, Jelly Bean MELT, and so much more! I’ve had it before every single lift since it was created in 2021 and I cannot wait for you all to try it 😍

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three products would you bring?!

1) PREworkout (I would find a Jungle Gym and get that pump)

2) Whey Protein (to maintain these gains baby)

3) Collagen (I refuse to sacrifice my hair, skin, and nails — collagen is a no-brainer)

Margo’s Product:

Red Raspberry PRE

After learning more about Margo and her why behind her product, we hope you not only love her but also her PRE. We are looking forward to hearing what you think! 


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