SHARP Nootropics: Food For Your Brain

SHARP Nootropics: Food For Your Brain

We live in a time where the world moves fast and we are required to push further and harder than ever before. When we constantly work and live in high stress and high intensity environments, this also results in fatigue, brain fog and lack of concentration. Where there is a fast, there is always a slow, but what do we do about the slow? 

First off, let me express the importance of a healthy diet, physical movement, and proper hydration. These are staples in our daily life that we can’t ignore but sometimes we just need more support… Let me introduce you to Bowmar Nutrition SHARP.

SHARP is a powerful nootropic that works with your natural brain chemistry to improve mental focus and clarity, enhance concentration, and support healthy brain function. It’s called brain food for a reason, each ingredient was carefully selected to make the perfect blend to support a healthy functioning brain. When our brain is functioning, obviously we as humans are functioning. 

We often get asked if SHARP contains caffeine, the answer is yes and no. We understand that some of you don’t even want to discuss giving up your coffee and we support that. This is why we have both, stim and stim free, meaning with or without caffeine.

So how do you take SHARP? It can be taken alone, the taste is amazing. You also can mix with other supplements such as Immunity, Essentials, and Melt. It can be taken in the morning to kick start your day or afternoon to give you that final push for the day. We do aid caution on taking SHARP that contains caffeine (stim) late at night. 

We love the grind, we love the push and we love SHARP to keep us going. Every supplement works better when combined with a healthy diet, exercise and hydration, so please don’t ignore those everyday staples. If you’re feeling a lack of concentration and brain fog, give SHARP a try and let us know in the comments below how it has helped you. 



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