Vegan Protein

$49.99 USD
    • 20-22g of high quality, low temperature processed protein powder available in more flavors than your typical chocolate and vanilla.
    • Smooth blend of Pea, Pumpkin Seed, Watermelon Seed, and Sunflower Seed Protein
    • Formulated to mix in both hot and cold liquids


    Cookies and Cream: We took the cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies y’all know and love and created a protein you won’t be able to resist! This flavor is the perfect ratio and delicious mix of chocolate cookies and sweet vanilla cream. But wait, we didn’t stop there. We included actual inclusion pieces of chocolate cookies. Now you can enjoy cookies and cream with the added benefits of 20g of protein!

    Cinnamon Cereal: We’re going to take you back for a second, way back to when you were a kid. It’s a Saturday morning, your parents are still in bed, you’re watching cartoons, but.. your tummy is rumbling. You head to the kitchen and what do you make yourself? A bowl of your favorite cereal, of course: CINNAMON CEREAL – the irresistible crispy squares that are covered in cinnamon and sugar goodness, and are so good you don’t dare pass up drinking the sugary milk it leaves behind. Nostalgic, right?! We went ahead and locked that memory up in a protein powder. Each scoop will take you right back to those Saturday mornings

    Chocolate Almond Coconut: Decadent, milk chocolate topped with lightly roasted almonds and just the right touch of sweet coconut flakes. Do we have your taste bud’s attention yet? Thought so! If this has your mouth watering as much as ours is then listen here. We took this heavenly flavor mashup and brought it to life, please allow us to introduce our vegan protein chocolate almond coconut. This flavor straddles the line between dessert and protein powder. If you ask us, you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

    Blueberry Donut: Have you ever had a freshly glazed blueberry donut from a donut shop?! The fluffy, golden brown, cake-like rings bursting with blueberries and lightly glazed with sweet vanilla icing are nothing short of DELISH. You’d be hard pressed to find anything that compares, until.. you get your hands on our vegan protein blueberry donut. Skip the trip to the donut shop and enjoy the light, refreshing, and perfectly sweetened shake right at home. It tastes as if you’re drinking a blueberry donut fresh off the frier!

    Peanut Butter Cookie: Well hello there fellow peanut butter lover! You’ve come to the right place. You’re here because you can’t resist the salty-sweet, buttery rich flavor of peanut butter cookies. And rightfully so, they truly are delectable – take them to a party or gathering and they will disappear. We couldn’t resist their temptation either, so we created our vegan protein peanut butter cookie. It tastes as if we blended the cookies into powder, except now you’ll not only get to enjoy the delicious peanut butter flavor, but also the added benefits of 20g of protein!

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    Vegan Protein

    $49.99 USD
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