Protein Double Fudge Brownie

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  • High quality, low temperature processed protein powder available in more flavors than your typical chocolate and vanilla.
  • Optimizes muscle growth and recovery.
  • Low in lactose so you don’t experience indigestion or unwanted bloating


Protein Double Fudge Brownie is going to take you back in time to when you were sitting at your grandma’s house, waiting for her to cut into a fresh batch of ooey, gooey brownies. Simply imagine sinking your teeth into a moist, fudge coated brownie — that’s the cuplicking good flavor of Protein Double Fudge Brownie. Every scoop is pure nostalgia, rich in chocolate flavor, and packed with 22g of whey protein!

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  • Bread and chocolate, two irresistible indulgences come together in our Double Fudge Brownie Bread recipe. This moist, rich, and chocolaty treat is crafted with whole ingredients and packed with Bowmar Nutrition’s protein powder, making it perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

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    Anyone else LOVE trips to grandma’s house as a kid because she always had the goods? You know, the Little Debbie® snacks – Nutty Bars, Cosmic Brownies, Swiss Cake Rolls, etc. Well get ready for a trip down memory lane. We captured the nostalgic flavor of Cosmic Brownies with this creami recipe!

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Protein Double Fudge Brownie - Whey Protein | Bowmar

Protein Double Fudge Brownie

$49.99 USD
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